It’s a NEW DAY!

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I loved meeting new people last night at the Monterey Chamber of Commerce mixer….what a wonderful commUNITY we all have in our area from Big Sur all the way to the Bay Area.
I made some new friends, great contacts for both my art and wedding officiant work….and the food was fabulous! This morning I awaken to such a beauty among the wetness in the earth and trees….birdies bidding me a sweet morning….and visiting with a friend staying up in the magical forest dwelling. Coming up in April….workshops….a big Spring pARTy…..a wedding or two and more and more and more…..details coming soon!


Splendid Art Opening…9/9/11

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Dear Friends….

Last night was such a fulfilment to me….soooo beautiful to see the people filling the gallery with appreciation, art, music of Jacqui Hope & Nick Williams….

the food was fabulous.  I am so grateful too for the “hidden” treasure that The Pacific Grove Art Center is with it’s three gorgeous galleries, fifteen artists studios, events, workshops and amazing group of people.  BTW they are always looking for volunteers if you’re interested in helping out sometime!

PHOTOS posted on my blog……

On the way to the gallery last night I realized my hair was not looking so good!  I called my Friend Christine Herrera who owns “Wildflowers” Hair Salon.

She told me I could come in just before heading to the gallery…..and she totally made my hair shine, literally!  Then she and her beautiful daughter in law gave me good advice on what to wear and I felt ready to go!  Thank you so much Christine for your talent and support!

A huge thanks to all the wonderful people who run the PGAC….especially Jacqueline Hope who so beautifully graced the evening with her beautiful voice and Presence with jazz tunes….it went perfectly with the theme of the exhibit!  Huge thanks to Nick Williams for accomanying Jacqui so beautifully!  Thank you Jane and the rest of the gang for making it all so smooth.  The Gill Gallery too was filled with amazing art for the upcoming “Monterey Open Studios Exhibit as well as the wonderful mixed media assemblages by JoDine Axline.

Thanks to all of you who attended and made this the lively and successful event it was and very special and huge gratitude for PGArt Center members who gave me this wonderful opportunity….and to the volunteers who served the yummy food and wine….who set up and cleaned up, greeted and did the PR….of course a BIG thanks to Monty Perry and Robert Parco for helping me transport and “shlepp” it all over there!

Also I heard that Chris Counts wrote an article that I haven’t seen yet….looking forward to that!

If you haven’t seen the exhibit….or Pacific Grove Art Center I urge you to check it out….a hidden treasure that I plan to engage with for many years to come!

Sending you all lots of Love and I hope we can connect in person soon!   Remember to find the your “Melody” within…..Sofanya

PS  Mark your calendars:

Sept 24th….our Autumn Celebration & Ceremony…..”Big Sur-Render”…..focusing on Dance As Power of Prayer

Oct 14….”Wine, Women & Song”….a spectacular event at The Pacific Grove Art Center

Multi Dimensions

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Hello there Dear Friends…

I know that far tooo much “time” and events have passed since I write.  I miss doing the communication as I realize that our connections are of ultimate importance.

It seems to me that the “speed” which the “synchronicities” and many confirmations…guidance….levels and layers revealed….are all at a new level now.  The Knowing that not only are changes occurring but these shifts are happening on levels I didn’t even know existed!

Once again we transform from the inside out and the outside in….”circumstances” cause a new look at Life….always coming back to being the “observer” while a sort of holograph of Life shows many levels at once.  It reminds me of the way my paintings unfold and reveal layers and layers of “story” as I watch in amazement!  Life is more than meets the material plane and there are certainly more than 3 dimensions!

We’re in the middle of our Open Studios today….”Y’Art Sale and all weekend.  We’ll also be here next weekend so if you are able to come over come on by!  The Dome Gallery & Studios represents four artists!  We’re located near Big Sur…call for details if you’ve not been here!  Also check us out on Facebook if you can….Sofanya….Dome Gallery & Studios….Jewel in the Forest!

Janice Rocke now with her new work….”Stellar Being” in the Sacred Circle and on Carabel’s Stage.  

   She’s really gotten into her “Rocke Star” series as well as these amazing huge angelic beings that I find so mystical.  I also love that she most often paints on recycled wood which always have interesting textures and a wonderful mix of raw and refined…old and new.

Robert Parco has been creating some new metal art….mostly hanging pieces some of which light up and they are so interesting and beautiful.  They are great for out in the garden or inside the home.   I love Robert’s humor as well which he often incorporates.

Francis Lindsay is our newest addition with her more traditional lovely impressionist paintings which are mostly plein aire (painted outdoors in nature).  I love love love her nature paintings.  Most of them are around 11″x14″ and would be lovely in most any home.

Sofanya….  I don’t know really how to describe my art these days cuz it changes so much.  I can say that for the most part I love “Stream of Consciousness”…..letting it flow… the liquid mixture of creation forming itself….and then finding the order or “story” within the amorphic patterns of life.  Of course I often have the Blessing of creating “Essence Portraits” which is such a dive into the depths of Life itself within each one I paint.  I’m also in process of two commissions….one of a Family of five….so beautiful!  Another painting is for a man on the East Coast who was inspired by a photo I’d sent out of my Mom’s lemon merangue pie!  Sweet!!!

Apologies for the lengthy email but I wanted to try to catch up a little!  So much happens in a day let alone months.

I lovingly invite you to visit our weekend soirees….bring instruments or just come and enjoy the art and share your Inspiration with us!

Sending LOVE & LIGHT….Sofanya

PS….dates to keep in mind!



July 24….Sunday at Sofanya’s….Come and paint-dance in the Forest with me!    2-5PM….$25 contribution!

**Sept 9th….Opening Recepton for my “Women of Jazz” exhibit at The Pacific Grove Art Center which runs through Oct 20!

***Beginning sometime in Oct I’ll be showing my “stream of consciousness” paintings at “East Village” in Monterey.  I love that place for gathering and sharing.

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My Mercy Girl….

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I wanted to share with you that my precious Mercy passed on 1-21-11 at age seventeen…surrounded by her closest Friends both Human and Four Leggeds.  I experienced an overwhelming flood of emotion and loss as I watched the Light leave her beautiful eyes….
We buried her in the Garden next to my wood carving area and a Redwood Sculpture named “Spring”.
I’m experiencing a great sadness and miss her so much but I do feel her Presence strongly and she’s now “Angel of Mercy” and she’s my Muse.  We were together for over 16 yrs and we were connected….she was my Soul Mate in a dog Friend.
She was a most elegant Being…able to give unconditional Love so gently.  She had pride in herself and yet she had a stubborn streak when she needed to stand her ground.  Mercy didn’t like having her photo taken so it was difficult over the years to capture a good photo of her.  She was soooo beautiful……I miss her…..

Healing Hike…Big Sur…1-10-11

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Hello again Friends….

I hope that 1-11-11 was a great day for you!   This number equals a FIVE….one representation being the FIVE POINTED STAR….PERSON REACHING FOR THE HIGHEST…. 

In the last few days since 1-1-11 I have experienced a very welcome surge in Inspiration and creative thoughts and feelings.

After Jan 1 I started greeting Friends with “Happy Newness” as the “1” felt like a brand new beginning.  Still feels that way and I see a new “blueprint” of Light before me as a sort of Map….to this world we enter now with a fresh look.  HOWEVER….
while looking through not only last year’s photos and writings but from years past as well, and recognizing that all which occurred in the so called “past” has been essential to bring me to my NOW.  I am loving the idea of utilizing past images and transforming them to be and feel new….

Yesterday as part of my “healing” this week I walked with my dear Friend Adonna at Molera in Big Sur.  It was a truly Magical experience and at one point along our path she exclaimed (as she often does with a new revelation)….”We’ve been trying to navigate a new world with an old map!”  YES….simple and obvious yet profound and true.  So what is the “new” map?  We’re creating it with each step and our experiences from the “past” have brought us here.

I’m not sure that I expressed this well….having a hard time putting it into words and I’m so sleepy now but I did want to write on
this 1-11-11….I so love this number.

I want to share the photos I took yesterday….a profound day…..a Magical walk…..

Happy Newness!

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In 2010 my Grand Son Nathaniel Malone Wexler was Born!  That’s a huge one for me.  Maya had her second Birthday….and I’m now a “Baba” of two such beautiful Grand Children.  I am experienced entirely new levels of being “in Love”….and it’s so amazing!

I also had another sort of “birth” happen which was my solo exhibit in San Francisco, the first in many years.  Since closing my Big Sur Gallery in 2008 I’ve had the opportunity to explore “out there” in the world a bit more.  I also had a show in Oakland at the very cool 57th Street Gallery and some of my work still hangs there.  Here at the Dome…Jewel in the Forest we had several big gatherings to celebrate the seasons and a powerful energetic evening with Fantuzzi who came here straight from Europe to play with us….and Jayson Fann even came to play as well…such a treat!   Over here last year we all danced, sang, painted, shared our Heart and Soul….I’m so pleased and Blessed to share this place in Nature for gatherings.

It’s one of those Blessings I didn’t totally realize was one until…I did.

Mercy so enjoys going for a little walk with me each day.  I had been sitting here with a paper mosaic strewn across my dining room  table….awaiting my creative business acumen which I endeavor to strengthen and revive somehow. (The Bills…and my attempt to see all aspects of Life as part of the Creative Process.)  Instead the feeling of spiraling into a dark deep chasm that doesn’t end but suspends your attention and consciousness with a grip somehow related to being responsible.  I hear that the true definition of “responsibility” is “the ability to respond”.

I heard a call from that little voice roaring up from within my hungry Soul….awakened by the Trees I see just outside my door.  Along with Mercy’s big brown pleadiing eyes….those Trees beckoned me to come out and play!  I’m surrounded by the love of Nature yet it’s amazing how it can be glossed over by attaching to the “LILA” or illusion of the material world and the price I pay to live in it….this duality of happy/sad, lack/abundant, black/white, inside/outside,  Love/Fear. The Walk revived my Soul and Memories of the Reality that I AM NATURE came to light as I again experienced and felt the energy of The Trees,  as well as The Creatures, The Earth….Moss….Mushrooms…..Sweet Fresh Air.   I couldn’t help but notice the little white Feathers I encountered every few steps…

left by an Angelic Winged Messenger, gifting me these precious feathers, a promise of flight to the freedom to create, as they led the way to a think and feel freshness to a new and transformed Moment.

I have been reflecting on last year and felt the strong compelling need to share a compilation of photos from a few of the events and gatherings, exhibits, art, music, Family and more from 2010.  This sharing is for me a completion and springboard from which to launch the “newness”.

I’ve been greeting people lately with “Happy Newness!”  On 1-1-11 a gorgeous rainbow appeared from the Sea to the Mountains….slowing me down to a stop along Hwy 1….to photograph this powerful affirmation that we are all a part of Beauty…..

my message at the moment being to not accept “rushiing” as a way of life….or “stress” either….that Rainbow showed me so much.

I needed another rainbow today and it came in the form of “The Walk”.

So much great Inspiration coming forth with plans for this 2011….this “Newness” year and decade.  The Dome…Jewel in the Forest is doing it’s Winter Time now….lots of dampness in an especially cold winter.  A big part of me wants to sleeeep….but there’s so much pulling me to be active and enjoy the plans for what’s next.  Many wonderful things for 2011…and I’ll surely keep you posted on all of that if you like.  If by some chance you’d rather not receive my emails please let me know and I’ll take care of that.



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It is an interesting challenge to maintain a creative momentum…..

It seems to require a conscious choice, a decision to have a strong determination, maybe by holding onto an inspired thought or an ongoing visitation to my thought processes pertaining to certain projects which I’ve either already begun or have been thinking of starting…..or back to where I left off the last time I entered that “zone”.

I am determined to get very good at “returning” to the creative momentum….possibly by not “leaving” it at all.  As I often say….”Life itself is the Art”   I do know that to be True….and in this state of being in the Present of Life is The Art there is no moment wasted or disconnected as the entire Life is constant Creation.  We get to see the Miracle of this ongoing Art Project if the choice is to be aware of it….which means choosing again and again…coming back home each time only to realize that we’ve never really gone away from our own Life.

I have set up part of my studio outside…..  I have several paintings set up in our “Sacred Circle” area as well as on “Stage Carabel”…..and new ideas born each time I get close to completing one or two pieces.  Then there’s the wood carving area where I plan to complete at least one piece for this show.  Upstairs in the Dome is where I often bring paintings for detailed finishing in oils.

I realize that I have no “excuses” any more….this is THE TIME….if ever there was A TIME…..still when I do engage in Creative Zone…there is NO TIME…..interesting how that works!

I am almost finished with a tribute painting to “Ella” Fitzgerald, another one “Ode to Duke” Ellington

another is sort of “Energy of Aretha” and next is a triptych for Billie Holiday….”She’s Got Her Own”

Also in progress is the “Dance of Fire” which is a redwood carving….

The weather is perfect…..and my colors are calling me now.  I wanted to check in with You  and share my Process more often.

I am still holding weekly “Y’Art Sales” which have been wonderful meeting people from all over the world as well as the fact that I must keep myself going financially.  It’s been a challenge for me as it has for so many.

If ever there was a great time to have your Essence Portrait created this would be it.  Whether you’re being challenged financially, emotionally, physically or you’re on top of your world, the insights, inspirations, guidance and profound imagery will bring you a mirrored sense of your inner journey.  Please feel comfortable to visit or make an appointment for an Essence Portrait…..I am here and would be Blessed to share that profound experience with you and/or your Family! These can be made in person of course or you may send me a jpg via email.

Check my website for info on the Essence Portraits if you don’t already know about them.

Y’Art Sale tomorrow and Saturday so come on by if you’re in the area or make a special trip…..let me know if you’d like an Essence Portrait so we can allow for the timing.