Oy vey…Vat a beautiful day!!!

Dear Friends….

Freedom of Expression….what is it to each of as Individuals?  How do we utilize this basic instinct each day…. consciously.

I know that there’s so much we do every day there just doesn’t seem to be enough “time” but what about

the call of the Soul, Spirit, Heart that is calling to be known

amidst all the

errands, responsibilities, finances, relationships, must do’s….

I don’t run a huge corporation but in my little but often complex world sometimes I feel like I go on tilt… overwhelmed with so many things.

I am fairly good at viewing it as all part of the bigger picture and do it all the best I can with gratitude…..and love.

Recently and once again….I decided to bring the “art part” to the forefront….instead of waiting until the endless “list” is done first.

Prioritize….Balance…..Inspiration First….bringing the “Fun Quotient” up a few degrees.

The “Dancing Colors” process I’ve been engaged in with the work/playshops has turned out to be a

huge opening to enjoy with abandon….dance….paint….play….and meditate….

reminding me once again of my “original innocence”….the ability to let go….to get lost in the love of play…

taking me into a world of magical unfoldment….mystical revelations….self awareness.

Would you like to come and play, dance, paint the music of your Soul?

I provide the perfect environment….a safe and magical haven…so that YOU

can express your Soul.  Forget about everything else for one day…a day

that can help you make a shift into a more Soul Expressed every day!

Those who have attended the Dancing Colors have all enjoyed immensely and we shared monumental discoveries.  I’m getting ready to do the next one on

Sept 5 here at the Dome Studio in the Redwoods.  I’ve also decided to reduce the size of the canvas to 36″x48″ (this size works even better) and reduce the price as well.  I want to make this very easy for anyone wanting to experience this so the cost for this one day work/playshop will be $95. instead of the $145…..at least for now.

Please let me know if you’re interested….I’m only taking 4-6 attendees so let me know ASAP!

Please check my blog for photos from recent work/playshops, gatherings, and my newest paintings…

http://www.sofanya.com    https://zeropointlove.wordpress.com    www. facebook.com/sofanyawhite


~ by Sofanya on August 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “Oy vey…Vat a beautiful day!!!”

  1. Keep on sprinkling essence of joy everywhere you go Sofanya.

  2. It’s the one with the words “dance painting” under it, with the eye. A lovely piece!

  3. Thank you Tzila! I so appreciate that. There are several “Dance Paintings”….is there one in particular that you like?

  4. Sofanya…great blog! “Dance painting” is my favorite work you have on here….expresses so much.

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