Happy Passover and Happy Easter my Dear Friends!

Here’s are two paintings I worked on last night.  The first one…”New Possibilities” began about a year ago and it was going to be a tribute to Obama after the election.

I did a collage as the base, taken from Barack’s speech, and music scores from “America the Beautiful”…..then it sat here in that stage all this time till last night.  I didn’t after all paint the image of Obama on it but instead followed my stream of consciousness to a relevant piece for this time related to a new possibility…an icon of new birth….springing from the opening of the Mother.  It has a lot of imagery related to this “story” which you can derive from your own perspective.

The other one…”I Am Lilly” has also been evolving over the last couple of years taking on many dimensions and layers….

I wish you all wonderful new possibilities and may you trust and act upon these new possibiliites taking you into ever more joyous realms of awakening to Life.

Please stay tuned for upcoming events, workshops, classes,  and private art sessions!

Happy Springing into New Growth….

18x24" mixed media on canvas


~ by Sofanya on April 4, 2010.

One Response to “Fresh….New….Pure….Growth….”

  1. wow, what a cool selection of photos

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