It is an interesting challenge to maintain a creative momentum…..

It seems to require a conscious choice, a decision to have a strong determination, maybe by holding onto an inspired thought or an ongoing visitation to my thought processes pertaining to certain projects which I’ve either already begun or have been thinking of starting…..or back to where I left off the last time I entered that “zone”.

I am determined to get very good at “returning” to the creative momentum….possibly by not “leaving” it at all.  As I often say….”Life itself is the Art”   I do know that to be True….and in this state of being in the Present of Life is The Art there is no moment wasted or disconnected as the entire Life is constant Creation.  We get to see the Miracle of this ongoing Art Project if the choice is to be aware of it….which means choosing again and again…coming back home each time only to realize that we’ve never really gone away from our own Life.

I have set up part of my studio outside…..  I have several paintings set up in our “Sacred Circle” area as well as on “Stage Carabel”…..and new ideas born each time I get close to completing one or two pieces.  Then there’s the wood carving area where I plan to complete at least one piece for this show.  Upstairs in the Dome is where I often bring paintings for detailed finishing in oils.

I realize that I have no “excuses” any more….this is THE TIME….if ever there was A TIME…..still when I do engage in Creative Zone…there is NO TIME…..interesting how that works!

I am almost finished with a tribute painting to “Ella” Fitzgerald, another one “Ode to Duke” Ellington

another is sort of “Energy of Aretha” and next is a triptych for Billie Holiday….”She’s Got Her Own”

Also in progress is the “Dance of Fire” which is a redwood carving….

The weather is perfect…..and my colors are calling me now.  I wanted to check in with You  and share my Process more often.

I am still holding weekly “Y’Art Sales” which have been wonderful meeting people from all over the world as well as the fact that I must keep myself going financially.  It’s been a challenge for me as it has for so many.

If ever there was a great time to have your Essence Portrait created this would be it.  Whether you’re being challenged financially, emotionally, physically or you’re on top of your world, the insights, inspirations, guidance and profound imagery will bring you a mirrored sense of your inner journey.  Please feel comfortable to visit or make an appointment for an Essence Portrait…..I am here and would be Blessed to share that profound experience with you and/or your Family! These can be made in person of course or you may send me a jpg via email.

Check my website for info on the Essence Portraits if you don’t already know about them.

Y’Art Sale tomorrow and Saturday so come on by if you’re in the area or make a special trip…..let me know if you’d like an Essence Portrait so we can allow for the timing.



~ by Sofanya on July 2, 2010.

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