Happy Newness!

In 2010 my Grand Son Nathaniel Malone Wexler was Born!  That’s a huge one for me.  Maya had her second Birthday….and I’m now a “Baba” of two such beautiful Grand Children.  I am experienced entirely new levels of being “in Love”….and it’s so amazing!

I also had another sort of “birth” happen which was my solo exhibit in San Francisco, the first in many years.  Since closing my Big Sur Gallery in 2008 I’ve had the opportunity to explore “out there” in the world a bit more.  I also had a show in Oakland at the very cool 57th Street Gallery and some of my work still hangs there.  Here at the Dome…Jewel in the Forest we had several big gatherings to celebrate the seasons and a powerful energetic evening with Fantuzzi who came here straight from Europe to play with us….and Jayson Fann even came to play as well…such a treat!   Over here last year we all danced, sang, painted, shared our Heart and Soul….I’m so pleased and Blessed to share this place in Nature for gatherings.

It’s one of those Blessings I didn’t totally realize was one until…I did.

Mercy so enjoys going for a little walk with me each day.  I had been sitting here with a paper mosaic strewn across my dining room  table….awaiting my creative business acumen which I endeavor to strengthen and revive somehow. (The Bills…and my attempt to see all aspects of Life as part of the Creative Process.)  Instead the feeling of spiraling into a dark deep chasm that doesn’t end but suspends your attention and consciousness with a grip somehow related to being responsible.  I hear that the true definition of “responsibility” is “the ability to respond”.

I heard a call from that little voice roaring up from within my hungry Soul….awakened by the Trees I see just outside my door.  Along with Mercy’s big brown pleadiing eyes….those Trees beckoned me to come out and play!  I’m surrounded by the love of Nature yet it’s amazing how it can be glossed over by attaching to the “LILA” or illusion of the material world and the price I pay to live in it….this duality of happy/sad, lack/abundant, black/white, inside/outside,  Love/Fear. The Walk revived my Soul and Memories of the Reality that I AM NATURE came to light as I again experienced and felt the energy of The Trees,  as well as The Creatures, The Earth….Moss….Mushrooms…..Sweet Fresh Air.   I couldn’t help but notice the little white Feathers I encountered every few steps…

left by an Angelic Winged Messenger, gifting me these precious feathers, a promise of flight to the freedom to create, as they led the way to a think and feel freshness to a new and transformed Moment.

I have been reflecting on last year and felt the strong compelling need to share a compilation of photos from a few of the events and gatherings, exhibits, art, music, Family and more from 2010.  This sharing is for me a completion and springboard from which to launch the “newness”.

I’ve been greeting people lately with “Happy Newness!”  On 1-1-11 a gorgeous rainbow appeared from the Sea to the Mountains….slowing me down to a stop along Hwy 1….to photograph this powerful affirmation that we are all a part of Beauty…..

my message at the moment being to not accept “rushiing” as a way of life….or “stress” either….that Rainbow showed me so much.

I needed another rainbow today and it came in the form of “The Walk”.

So much great Inspiration coming forth with plans for this 2011….this “Newness” year and decade.  The Dome…Jewel in the Forest is doing it’s Winter Time now….lots of dampness in an especially cold winter.  A big part of me wants to sleeeep….but there’s so much pulling me to be active and enjoy the plans for what’s next.  Many wonderful things for 2011…and I’ll surely keep you posted on all of that if you like.  If by some chance you’d rather not receive my emails please let me know and I’ll take care of that.



~ by Sofanya on January 10, 2011.

2 Responses to “Happy Newness!”

  1. Thank you for your beautiful painting with words Alvin…….

  2. Good Morning, Sofanya

    Visually serene and peaceful, your “Oneness” day was obviously a beautiful one.
    It was an exceptional day it was fun in the discovery of the different interpretations of the numeric revelations. Metaphysical to crazed as someone suggested at work that we jump up at 11:00 take tequila shots and run around our cubicles ..well that did’t materialize put a nice thought anyway. I seemed to have enjoyed yours better as a time of reflection and renewal surrounded by the beauty of nature shared with a friend.

    I would like to share some poetry I composed that I hope will get my poetic juices flowing again. I have experienced sort of a writers block , but after viewing your post I feel inspired this morning thank you.

    Aquanaut Dreams

    Squinting in the light

    of aquamarine,

    through the bluish green

    your alluring singing voice

    encourages the want to frolic

    To the depths we go

    wet mistletoe offering in one hand

    sea horses laughing in the background

    Currents and Jellyfish pull us

    towards colorful coral beds

    where kissing fish make love

    intermingled with notes and echos

    of Coltranes Namia

    Bayou Lafourche

    and Siroccos, to the eastern winds

    we float the Atlantic to

    northern Africa and beyond the Mediterranean sea

    into the southern of Europa

    listening to your play list all the while

    Only after overwhelming, joyful excitement

    do we come up for air

    then euphorically submerge

    to resume the things

    only lovers can do

    paint images on conk shells,

    give migrating pink flamingos

    directions and follow streams

    of volcanic lava and laugh hysterically

    as black sand washes ashore

    In the crescent of the moon

    we build gigantic driftwood fires

    and sand castles, tell stories of whales and Jonah

    As our heavenly night comes

    to close intently I look into your eyes

    watch the quivering subtleness of your

    lips and plant a blissful kiss.

    (C) Alvin Young

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