Healing Hike…Big Sur…1-10-11

Hello again Friends….

I hope that 1-11-11 was a great day for you!   This number equals a FIVE….one representation being the FIVE POINTED STAR….PERSON REACHING FOR THE HIGHEST…. 

In the last few days since 1-1-11 I have experienced a very welcome surge in Inspiration and creative thoughts and feelings.

After Jan 1 I started greeting Friends with “Happy Newness” as the “1” felt like a brand new beginning.  Still feels that way and I see a new “blueprint” of Light before me as a sort of Map….to this world we enter now with a fresh look.  HOWEVER….
while looking through not only last year’s photos and writings but from years past as well, and recognizing that all which occurred in the so called “past” has been essential to bring me to my NOW.  I am loving the idea of utilizing past images and transforming them to be and feel new….

Yesterday as part of my “healing” this week I walked with my dear Friend Adonna at Molera in Big Sur.  It was a truly Magical experience and at one point along our path she exclaimed (as she often does with a new revelation)….”We’ve been trying to navigate a new world with an old map!”  YES….simple and obvious yet profound and true.  So what is the “new” map?  We’re creating it with each step and our experiences from the “past” have brought us here.

I’m not sure that I expressed this well….having a hard time putting it into words and I’m so sleepy now but I did want to write on
this 1-11-11….I so love this number.

I want to share the photos I took yesterday….a profound day…..a Magical walk…..


~ by Sofanya on January 12, 2011.

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  1. […] Yesterday in my “cure” this week, I walked with my dear up friend at Big Sur Molera. ?It was a truly magical experience and at some point on our way, she exclaimed (as it often does with a new revelation) …. “We tried to navigate a new world with an old map?”Yes… .simple and obvious yet deep and true. ?What is the “new” card?We create with each step and our experiences “passed” led us here. original: Healing Hike…Big Sur…1-10-11 ? Sharing with Sofanya. […]

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