Multi Dimensions

Hello there Dear Friends…

I know that far tooo much “time” and events have passed since I write.  I miss doing the communication as I realize that our connections are of ultimate importance.

It seems to me that the “speed” which the “synchronicities” and many confirmations…guidance….levels and layers revealed….are all at a new level now.  The Knowing that not only are changes occurring but these shifts are happening on levels I didn’t even know existed!

Once again we transform from the inside out and the outside in….”circumstances” cause a new look at Life….always coming back to being the “observer” while a sort of holograph of Life shows many levels at once.  It reminds me of the way my paintings unfold and reveal layers and layers of “story” as I watch in amazement!  Life is more than meets the material plane and there are certainly more than 3 dimensions!

We’re in the middle of our Open Studios today….”Y’Art Sale and all weekend.  We’ll also be here next weekend so if you are able to come over come on by!  The Dome Gallery & Studios represents four artists!  We’re located near Big Sur…call for details if you’ve not been here!  Also check us out on Facebook if you can….Sofanya….Dome Gallery & Studios….Jewel in the Forest!

Janice Rocke now with her new work….”Stellar Being” in the Sacred Circle and on Carabel’s Stage.  

   She’s really gotten into her “Rocke Star” series as well as these amazing huge angelic beings that I find so mystical.  I also love that she most often paints on recycled wood which always have interesting textures and a wonderful mix of raw and refined…old and new.

Robert Parco has been creating some new metal art….mostly hanging pieces some of which light up and they are so interesting and beautiful.  They are great for out in the garden or inside the home.   I love Robert’s humor as well which he often incorporates.

Francis Lindsay is our newest addition with her more traditional lovely impressionist paintings which are mostly plein aire (painted outdoors in nature).  I love love love her nature paintings.  Most of them are around 11″x14″ and would be lovely in most any home.

Sofanya….  I don’t know really how to describe my art these days cuz it changes so much.  I can say that for the most part I love “Stream of Consciousness”…..letting it flow… the liquid mixture of creation forming itself….and then finding the order or “story” within the amorphic patterns of life.  Of course I often have the Blessing of creating “Essence Portraits” which is such a dive into the depths of Life itself within each one I paint.  I’m also in process of two commissions….one of a Family of five….so beautiful!  Another painting is for a man on the East Coast who was inspired by a photo I’d sent out of my Mom’s lemon merangue pie!  Sweet!!!

Apologies for the lengthy email but I wanted to try to catch up a little!  So much happens in a day let alone months.

I lovingly invite you to visit our weekend soirees….bring instruments or just come and enjoy the art and share your Inspiration with us!

Sending LOVE & LIGHT….Sofanya

PS….dates to keep in mind!



July 24….Sunday at Sofanya’s….Come and paint-dance in the Forest with me!    2-5PM….$25 contribution!

**Sept 9th….Opening Recepton for my “Women of Jazz” exhibit at The Pacific Grove Art Center which runs through Oct 20!

***Beginning sometime in Oct I’ll be showing my “stream of consciousness” paintings at “East Village” in Monterey.  I love that place for gathering and sharing.

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~ by Sofanya on July 10, 2011.

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